5 museums really worth seeing in London

The capital of England is really rich with interesting and wonderful places. It is the paradise for all the people who love history and art from various times. During short trip, it is impossible to see all the magnificence of this city. It is good to choose several museums – for the first visit it should be enough. Here are some suggestions.

The British Museum

Established in 1759, it is one of the biggest museums in the world. Its collection focuses mainly onLondon ancient history. The great heritage of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt as well as Middle East is presented here. It takes some time to see all the exhibits, since there is many of them – more than 7 millions! The museum is placed in scientific part of London– Bloomsbury.

Victoria and Albert Museum

This is the place, that ought to be visited by everyone who loves art in many forms: paintings, furniture, sculptures. This museum has also an enormous collection of glass and ceramics from the whole world. The exhibits present the history of glass production. Another interesting parts of this museum, which should be visited especially by women are the collections of jewellery and fashion. The last one covers the costumes from 17th century till today.

The Royal Air Force Museum

RAF museum is the obligatory point for everyone interested in aeroplanes. The collection presents the detailed history of British aviation. More than one hundred planes can be admired here. It is located a bit further from the centre of London, but the trip here can be very enlightening for technique and history enthusiasts. Similar to other museums, the entrance to the exhibition is free.

The Natural History Museum

This place is dedicated to all the people, from kids to pensioners. It was separated from another big insLondontitution – the British Museum. The number of exhibits reaches more than 70 million. The collection is divided into several divisions: plants, animals (excluding entomology), dinosaurs, mineralogy and insects. Children love the tyrannosaurus rex that moves! The nature lovers will be delighted after visiting this place.

National Gallery

The last proposition from all London museums is aimed to the enthusiasts of paintings. Its history reaches the beginning of the 19th century. Now it is one of the best world’s paintings collections. It includes the masterpieces by da Vinci, Rubens, Canaletto, Vermeer, Turner and other famous artists. Here the famous “Sunflowers” by van Gogh can be seen. What is more, the exhibition is available for free.