A guidebook: is it essential during the trip?

People go for a trip for various reasons. Some of them like sightseeing and visiting historical places, the others go to another city just to stroll along the streets, take some photos and try local cuisine. There is also a group of people who travel to shop. Sometimes it is good to buy a guidebook before trip, but it is not needed in every situation. When is it reasonable?

The best places to see

Guides usually present the most representative objects in particular city or country. Their photographs are often shown. In case of places that are not open permanently, the opening hours and ticket prices are given. Guides also present a map of the attractions and inform about some specific customs or holidays. All this information is very useful. It simplifies understanding of different culture and its historical background. But is guidebook worth taking for a trip? Maybe it is better to read it prior to departure or to forget about it?

The goal of the trip

planning travelGoing to a popular touristic destination for a short time often requires a smart plan of sightseeing. The guidebook can be very helpful here. When someone is informed about the popular places earlier, he can find his bearings more accurately than someone who does not know which way to go and what is worth visiting. On the other side, people who try to avoid the most crowded places and prefer sightseeing on their own do not need to drag the additional book it their backpacks. Those who avoid museums and historical places rather do not need it too.

Alone or in the group?

airport travelThe next issue to consider is the form of visiting. When a trip takes place in a group led by a professional guide, there is rather no need to take a guidebook. It is always possible to ask this person for an interesting detail. And what if the trip is not organised by a tour operator and the person is going alone or in a small group of friends? Is guidebook worth taking for a trip? Well, not necessarily. A lot of information can be easily found on the Internet. The guide can be useful for those who prefer reading on paper than on the screen of a smartphone.

Buying a guidebook

When looking for a good guide in a library, several things should be considered. The book should be relatively new. When it was published many years ago, some information like opening hours can be no longer accurate. The book should also be convenient and small enough. The range of information is also important. All these factors taken into account will make the choice easier.