The best attractions in Poznan

One of the most popular travel destinations for the European people is Poland. This lovely country is filled with interesting cities, like Cracow, Warsaw and Wroclaw. However not only the most popular destinations are worth to be seen in there. Another, great spot to visit is Poznan, the capital of the Greater Voivoidship, situated in the west part of country.

How to get there?

It is very big, academical city, that is why it has large, international airport situated close from it center. That is why the best option to travel to Poznan is to use an airplane. It is fast, comfortable and can be very cheap, you only need to know how to look for a tickets. The best idea is to book it several months Poznanahead, plenty of discounts are available then. People who like to travel by car can go to the Poznan using German highways, it is also comfortable, but depending on your localization it could take a lot of hours. When you are planning the trip to the city, remember to book an accommodation, as soon as possible. The faster you will take care of it, the price for a night will be more reasonable.


The trip around Poznan you should start on the Main Square. In the central part of area the amazing City Hall is situated. It is beautiful, historical building, designed in the Renaissance style. It main attractions are two, wooden, little goats. Each they, when the hymn of Poznan is playing, both animals are dancing in a very chPoznanarming way. The city is also filled with interesting, sacral architecture. The finest church in entire Poznan is a Saint Paul and Peter cathedral, founded in medieval epoque in Gothic style. It is beautiful building covered with red brick, with astonishing stained glasses. The entire area of Old Square in the city is very nice place to visit. It is surrounded by many small mansions from Renaissance, Baroque and Classical epoques. Another old part of Poznan, with amazing architecture, is Ostrow Tumski. This district mostly belong to the church authorities, it still looks like in the old times.

Another attractions

While visiting Poznan you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Saint Martin’s Croissants Museum. It is nice opportunity to get to know more about a history of it baking, very popular in the November. Another great spot to visit is the zoologist garden. There are two objects like that in Poznan, Old and New one. The first is mostly a home for a farm animals, you will see in there hens, cows, pigs and even foxes. In New Zoo you will be able to admire exotic species of animals, like lions, elephants and tigers.