The best destinations in Hungary

Most of Polish travelers are planning summer holidays in one of the southern resorts, situated by the sea. However this option is not the only way to spend vacations in some place nice. If you like to do some sightseeing in the amazing cities and see a lot of attractions you need to visit Hungary, small but lovely country, situated in the eastern part of Europe.

Travel for a penny

This beautiful country is situated about 10 hours drive from the southern borders of Poland. That is why if you like there fast and in comfortable way you should book a plane ticket. Thanks to small, airline companies you can travel to the Hungary for a song. The best idea is to start to look for the tickets half year Budapestbefore the departure day. In this time, you will be able to pay very reasonable price. Also, if you plan the trip fast enough you will be able to book accommodation in very decent price. Try local hostels, they are situated close to the tourism points. Another option is to book an apartment from private person. To do so, you can use a special application, where tenants meet the owners.


While being in Hungary you cannot miss the trip to it capital, Budapest. This is very beautiful city with amazing architecture. Very popular travel spot is the Fisherman Tower, great example of the Romanesque Revival style. It has two, charming towers, which looks like from the fairy tale. About ten minutes walk from Fisherman Towers lays another, amazing building – the Royal Castle. It is situated at the top of the hillBudapest so you can see panorama over entire city from the top of it. Palace was first build in medieval times, but it was reconstructed many times during next centuries. At the another side of Danube river you will find the Hungarian Parliament headquarter. It is amazing, Classical building with huge square in front of it. Another good idea is to visit local zoologist garden, the biggest in entire country. It was rebuilded couple of years ago, so it is very modern and filled with exotic species of animals.

Another places

If you like to feel the spirit of medieval times you shouldn’t miss a trip to the Szentendre town. It is situated very close to the capital, about ten minutes drive on south. It was founded by nation of Serbia, since many centuries it was famous because of local wine. But also architecture in there is amazing, there are plenty of small, colourful buildings, situated by the narrow streets, covered with stones. If you like to spend couple of days in some nice resort, you have to travel to Balaton lake, the biggest basin like that in entire Europe.