The best monuments in Berlin

If you just finished your longer vacations but you still like to take some days off at work, maybe you will consider a city break option. It is idea of short trips to big metropolis, very popular during longer weekends in Poland. If you are looking for some decent city to visit you can choose Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Main monuments

The city was totally devastated during the world war two, then, within several decades it was divided into two parts. That is why, now it architecture is very interesting. The main attraction of Berlin is Brandenburg Gate, Classical monument and popular meeting point. Another nice piece of architecture of Berlinthis style is headquarter of German Parliament. It is monumental building situated in the city center. Entire city is also filled with interesting temples, like Berlin Cathedral, amazing, Baroque church with astonishing interior design. If you like to take a short trip on suburbia go to the Palace of Charlottenburg, very beautiful complex, designed in Classical style.

Another side of the city

Because of it colourful history Berlin is filled with modern, vanguard architecture. One of the finest are is Alexanderplatz, where you can find interesting, modern sculptures, and part of Berlin Wall. But if you like to see the best part of this destroyed object, go for a trip to the east part of the capital. It is the longest part of wall, covered with colourful graffiti, the perfect spot for photographs from vacations! If you wish to see the most sophisticated area of Berlin visit the Kreutzberg district, situated close to the down town. It is the most multicultural area of the city, filled with exotic shops, markets and restaurants, vanguard galleries and small book shops. Even architecture in there is interesting, covered with colourful murals.

Another attractions

If you ar admirer of nature you shouldn’t miss the trip to the zoological garden. This object has amazing collections of rare animals, including penguins and panda bears. Te suburbia statioBerlinn named zoological garden is legendary area, but you shouldn’t go there after the dark. In Berlin, you can find many of different exhibitions, situated at the Island of Museum. In Bode Gallery you can see German interior design and paintings. In Pergamon Museum you will find amazing collection of ancient architecture, including Gate of Ishtar. In the New Gallery you can admire phenomenal collection of western artists, like Rembrandt, Klimt, Rubens, Bosch and a lot more.