Discover new destinations in Europe!

Our old continent is a core for entire, Western civilization. It was a home for pilgrims which move to the Canada, States or Australia for example. That is why each year plenty of people from whole around the world are visiting Europe. If you are looking for some nice place to visit in here, you should consider a tour to less popular but very fascinating cities.


airplane tripThis Spanish city is a lot less popular than Barcelona or Madrid, however it has plenty to offer to a traveler, especially during the summer. Sevilla is situated in the southern part of Spain, that is why the wonderful weather is available in there a lot longer that in Barcelona for example. In there you will find nice examples of Arabic architecture, cause Sevilla was important part of Mauritanian domination in Europe. The most amazing building in the city is Alcazar, old, Arabic palace now a museum and the best occasion to see interesting interior design. Entire area of Spanish Place in Sevilla is surrounded by magnificent buildings, mostly Renaissance and Classical.


The capital of Scotland is probably the most beautiful city in entire Great Britain. It is localized up north, that is why fewer travelers are interested in Edinburgh than London or Dublin. At the entire area of the city you will find multiple Gothic buildings, it is second city after the Oxford with such a big amount of monuments from this style. The main attraction, which rules above the entire city, is the Castle of Edinburgh. It was founded in twelfth century, it is one of the biggest and oldest fortress in the United Kingdom. You will find it in the center of city, it looks amazing. If you are admirer of good liquors, you may go for a visit to Scotch Whisky Experience. It is great museum of this beverage, you may learn in there entire process of distillation.


travelThis is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the area of France. Nothing surprising in that, cause whole Toulouse is filled with beautiful buildings made from red brick. That is why it is often called “Pink City”. If you like to see some sacral architecture, do not miss a trip to the Basilica of Saint Sernin, great mix of Romanesque and Gothic style. Toulouse is not very large city, you can go for a tour on a bike one day and visit most of it monuments. You can visit also the Museum of Garonne. It is name of local river, which is very important source of electricity. And another, big plus of Toulouse s an airport, situated only ten minute drive from the city center.