Fantastic weekend in Vienna

When sun is shining, weather is lovely and there are no clouds on the sky, we are a lot more interested in sightseeing. If you like to explore some nice metropolis you don’t need to waste entire week, just longer weekend will be enough. One of the finest capitals in entire Europe is Vienna in Austria. Which monuments in there are nicest?

Mode of transportation

From each of Polish, international airports you are able to get to this beautiful city. You can book a ticket several months ahead to pay the lowest prices, like 100 zlotys for a trip in both directions. However not everyone like to fly, still a lot of people are avoiding this mode of transportation. If you are living in the southern west part of Poland, you can travel to Vienna using also train, bus or car. If you will use a high way, entire drive will take about three hours. Train is the most expensive option, especially if you don’t have a student discount. However it is very comfortable mode of transportation.

Amazing architecture

In the area of capital you can find at least three beautiful palaces, designed in the Classical style. Those are Hoftburg, Schonbrunn and Belveder. Each one was some of the residence of former royals, the most phenomenal is second one, with amazing, French gardens around it. In Belvedere you can also visit inside of the chambers, some of them are decorated into vintage interior design. Another great monument in Vienna is the City Hall, constructed in Gothic Revival style, in the late nineteenth century. It is situated in the center of the city, you will find plenty of pubs, restaurants and gift shops nearby. And if you wish to see a true Gothic building from medieval times, you can go to the Saint Stephen cathedral, one of the finest churches like that in entire world.

Explore the city

In the same neighborhood as one of the palaces, the Schonbrunn, you may find one of the biggest zoologist garden in the Europe. It is a home for many rare animals, including panda bears of Royal penguins. Vienna is also perfect place to explore interesting galleries. In the Leopold Museum you may admire amazing collection of Klimt and Schiele masterpieces, the biggest in the entire world. Mumok is a lot more modern gallery, where you may see works of popular abstractionists, like Chagall, Kandinski, Malewicy or Miro. And if you like to visit one of the most popular spots in the city, go to Wiener Prater. you can take a tour on a Big Wheel in there, to admire nice panorama.