Fascinating weekend in Poznan

Poland is getting more and more popular among the European tourists. It is very good trend, the biggest cities in the country are visited by millions of travelers each year. The most popular is Wroclaw, Warsaw and Cracow, however also Poznan is very nice choice. It is very beautiful city, the capital of Greater Poland voivoidship. what interesting spots you cannot miss in there.


Entire Poznan is filled with beautiful buildings, founded within last, ten centuries. One of the most interesting area is the Main Square. At the center of it you will find the old City Hall. It is astonishing building, founded in sixteenth century in Renaissance style. Every day, exactly at noon, the PoznanPoznan’s march is playing from the top of the building, it is very interesting performance. Entire Main Square is surrounded by astonishing buildings, mostly designed in Baroque, Renaissance and Classical style. At the bottom floors of each building you will find some interesting restaurant, pub or gift shop. People interested in sacral architecture should visit the Poznan cathedral, beautiful building formed in Baroque style. Even the inside of the church is fascinated, covered with fresco and stainted glasses.


As a big, Polish city, Poznan is filled with interesting cultural and art galleries. First of all try not to miss the trip to the National Museum. Inside you will find plenty of exponents connected with history of the city, like paintings of local artists, manuscriptsPoznan of former overlords, vintage furniture, coins and a lot more. Another good spot is Archeological Museum. It is very nice object, you will find in there very old artefacts, found in the area of Greater Poland voivoidship. The admirer of music shouldn’t miss the trip to Gallery of instruments. The object is filled with vintage pianos, cellos, violins and a lot more. There is even great exhibition of Salvador Dali paintings in Poznan, it is situated in the Dalideum. You will find in there temporary exhibition of the latest pieces of this brilliant artist.

Another attractions

One of the biggest attractions for kids in Poznan is Bluby, the interactive gallery, where your children will see interesting performances about history and legends of the city. Also, during the warm, sunny day you will have a chance to visit the zoological garden, there are two different objects like then in Poznan. In the Old zoo you will mostly see the animals rescued from the bad conditions in the farms. New zoo is filled with exotic species of animals.