Get to know Copenhagen closer

Copenhagen does not want to compete with Paris, London or even Amsterdam in the ranking of cities most visited by tourists. There are no wide boulevards here like in Paris, there is no bustle and hectic of cosmopolitan London and a network of channels like in Amsterdam. The capital of Denmark located in the north of the country has an unusual charm based on a certain distance that is characteristic of the local way of being, a picturesque location on the great sea sound and attractions adapted to the needs of various groups of tourists.

CopenhagenThanks to the fact that it is easy to get there by sea, land and air, there are regular admirers who often come here at the weekends to play in clubs and discos, and also to move around the pubs and lanes of Strogetu and Nyhavn.

Copenhagen can be visited by a proven and the least expensive method of travelling – on your own foot. The capital of Denmark is not extensive. During one weekend, you may walk around the entire Old Town and reach the most important monuments and museums of the city. The sightseeing usually begins just after leaving the main train station. You can go straightly to the main square where the huge edifice of the town hall is placed. It really does not take more than 10 minutes. The building is an example the Italian Renaissance. It was designed to be as similar as it is possible to the fascinated architecture of the 16th century in Italy.

Next to the town hall is placed the Andersen’s boulevard where the children may see the monument of the most beloved fairy tale playwright – Hans Christian Andersen. There is always something going on in the square. The Copenhagentourists may purchase various souvenirs, watch the performances of music bands, parades, demonstrations or ecological workshops. It is not a city where you can get bored easily.

Copenhagen is a city where the ecology always comes first. For this reason, it is worth to travel by bike when you are already in Copenhagen city centre. It does not cost anything and the renting of the bike looks similarly like taking the shopping trolley in front of the store – you just insert the coin and enjoy free of charges riding a bike.