Fascinating weekend in Poznan

Poland is getting more and more popular among the European tourists. It is very good trend, the biggest cities in the country are visited by millions of travelers each year. The most popular is Wroclaw, Warsaw and Cracow, however also Poznan is very nice choice. It is very beautiful city, the capital of Greater Poland voivoidship. what interesting spots you cannot miss in there.

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Get to know Copenhagen closer

Copenhagen does not want to compete with Paris, London or even Amsterdam in the ranking of cities most visited by tourists. There are no wide boulevards here like in Paris, there is no bustle and hectic of cosmopolitan London and a network of channels like in Amsterdam. The capital of Denmark located in the north of the country has an unusual charm based on a certain distance that is characteristic of the local way of being, a picturesque location on the great sea sound and attractions adapted to the needs of various groups of tourists.

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