Katowice for one weekend

Each year Poland is visited by more and more European travelers. Mains destinations in there are Wroclaw, Cracow and Warsaw, however those are not the only ones places worth to be seen. If you like to feel the spirit of industrial metropolis you have to go to the Katowice. This amazing city has a lot to offer for any type of tourist.


Very popular meeting place in Katowice is a square close to the sculpture of Silesia Insurgents. It is modern masterpieces, designed in the Abstract style. If you like to see nice settlement designed in the beginning of twentieth century, you can visit a Nikiszowiec. It is huge, complex of buildings made from red Katowicebrick, it was constructed for the families of local miners. About a dozen kilometres from the center of Katowice you will find Bedzin Castle, amazing fortress from medieval times. It is the best after the dark, because of beautiful illumination. Another nice piece of architecture in Katowice is Mieroszewski Palace, nice building, designed in Classical style in the late, eighteenth century. You can also visit inside of the palace, where you will find beautiful interior design.


If you like to get to know more about this land, you have to visit the Silesia Museum. It is big, interesting exhibition which is offering a lot of attractions. To get some informations about the city, you have to go to the History of Katowice Museum, situated inside of beautiful, Classical building. During the hot, summer day, you can hide from the sun rays in one out of many, local churches. One of the oldest ones is the Bishop Cathedral, huge church from medieval times, designed in early, Gothic style. Admirer of rock music need to go to the History of Guitar Museum, huge collection of this nice instruments, from many different decades.

Another attractions

If you like to spend a day on open air, you can visit zoologist garden in Katowice. It is big and classy complex, where you can meet a lot of different species of animals, exotic and European. Another nice area for travelers is KatowiceKosciuszki’s Park, huge area of green in the center of metropolis. It is filled with trees, benches and lovely fountains. If you are looking for some strong experiences you can go to the Legendia, amazing amusement park in Katowice. It is famous because of big and fast roller-coaster. In the city you can also go for a tour to the Tyskie Brewery, historical place, where this tasty beer is produced since many centuries. You will get a lot of informations about entire process.