The land of windmills: the Netherlands

This country in Europe is associated with the fields of tulips and cheese. Some people enjoy the atmosphere of small towns and charming channels. The Netherlands has its own, unique beauty. Why is it worth visiting?

Colourful landscape

The fact is that the best season to see that country is spring. Driving through it, seeing the fields full of tulips in many colours take the breath away. The big advantage is that these astonishing views are for free, but on the other hand – sometimes it is difficult to see the flowers from a small distance. That is why a lot of tourists visit Park Keukenhof. Placed between two big cities – Haga and Amsterdam, it collects millions of flowers – mainly tulips and daffodils. The entrance costs 17 euros and is possible only from march to may, when everything blooms.

The symbols of the Netherlands

Often seen on many postcards, windmills are typical for the landscape of this country. Although now they are not so numerous, as some years ago, they remain the sign – alongside typical wooden shoes and various kinds of cheese. The last one is connected with the street markets that took place in some cities like Edam or Alkmaar. These events remind the traditional fairs – cheese is brought here on special carts or barrows, the merchants wear specific clothes.

How to travel?

Big cities, like the capital city of the Netherlands – Amsterdam, have a good infrastructure for bicycles. The network of bike routes in the whole country is really impressive Airplanetoo. A huge amount of people use them in everyday life. Tourists can borrow bikes in hostels, but also in a special bike rental. Another way to explore interesting places is a cruise on some channel. It enables making some wonderful photos and to learn about the passed by places from the guide.

Interesting cities

Besides some natural views, the Netherlands also delights with its cities. Amsterdam is full of interesting buildings – from beautiful town houses to Royal Palace. There are also some interesting museums, for instance the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Tulip Museum or… Erotic Museum. Another important and interesting city is Rotterdam with its modern architecture. The city of famous painter Jan Vermeer – Delft – is also worth visiting because of its old part.

The landscape of Netherlands is very diverse – form channels, windmills, through flower fields to charming cities and plenty of bicycles. The land of well known artists and tulips is definitely an obligatory point for every tourism passionate.