Longer weekend in Vilnus

City break is very interesting option of travelling, which is getting more popular among Polish tourists. Thanks to cheap airline companies we are able to book flight in very reasonable price, to plenty of various destinations. If you are looking for some interesting capital, maybe you will consider a trip to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. It used to be a polish city, so you will love this trip.

Find nicest flights

Connections from Poland to Vilnius are available in the cheap airline comapies offers. However, you can get even nicer deal on flight, if you only know how to look for it. The best option is to book a ticket as soon as possible, like six months before the trip. In that case, you will be able to spare half of the price. You can also look for the last minute flights, however this option is a bit risky. If you decide to book a journey earlier you will also find a cheaper accommodation. The most economical option will be hostel. This type of object is often situated close to the center of the city. However it is not the most comfortable option available, and probably you will have to share a room with different travelers.


The capital of Lithuania is very beautiful city. Your sightseeing in Vilnius you should start with Cathedral Place. It is the most representative area in entire city, it is surrounded by beautiful buildings, gift shops, restaurants and pubs. An admirer of sacral architecture will appreciate a tour to the church of saint VilnusAnna. It is amazing, Baroque building with astonishing interior design. One of the most popular spots in Vilnius, especially for Polish travelers, is the Dawn Gate. It is amazing, Gothic building, founded in the beginning of sixteenth century. This object appears in the popular poem of Polish poet, Mickiewicz. If you are fancy a walk during warm, sunny day, you can take a trip by the river side. It is an area filled with trees, benches and green areas.

Another attractions

While being in Vilnius you cannot miss the trip to the Museum of Genocide Victims. It is sad but importantVilnus memorial of people who died because of war, during last century. It is very fascinating exhibition, you can learn a lot from it. If you like to see some sophisticated, interior design from the past, couple styles, do not miss the trip to Dower Castle. It is amazing, Classical object, former residence of local overlords. If you like to do some healthy thing you can visit a Vichy Water Park. It is great option to drink delicious water and do some treatment for your skin.