Nice holidays in another country

When new year is coming, a lot of people are begin to planning future vacations. It is the finest season to do so, cause airline tickets are still in very reasonable prices. There are many of different options for Polish tourists to try, however if you like to spend a holidays of your lifetime, you can consider an intercontinental trip.

Choose perfect destination

Nowadays, travel abroad is very common among the Polish citizens, cause prices of airline tickets are lower each year. You have many of options to try in Airplaneentire world. If you like to see amazing, oriental architecture, totally different then buildings in Europe, you should visit Thailand, Vietnam or India. Those amazing countries are very popular nowadays. You will pay for a plane ticket a lot, however countries itself are very cheap for Polish inhabitants. Another, popular destination is United States of America. This legendary country is very available nowadays, you can find great deals on flights to there. If you like to take part in safari, travel trough the desert on camels and meet the Arabic nation, you should try a visit to the northern part of Africa. You will probably enjoy the visit to the Marocco, Tunis, Egypt and a lot more. Flight is very short and cheap, so you don’t have to have a lot of money to use it.

Important preparations

Most of those destinations are requiring the travel visa from Polish citizens. However, in most of them you are able to get this document at the airport, everyone is getting it for one month, it cost couple of dozens of Zlotys. Bigger problem is a trip to the United States, cause travel visa will require from you a trip to the American embassy. You will find one in Warsaw and another one in Crac

ow. You need to book a meeting with a consul earlier, prepare a lot of informations about your life and answer for many questions. If you don’t have a criminal history you shouldn’t have any problem with getting this visa.

Safe and comfortable flight

During intercontinental travel abroad, to the United States for example, you will spend at least a dozen hours on board. This could be dangerous for your health, especially if you are women. Cause during the long flight without moving, you have a big chance for blood cloths to appear in your veins. To Airplaneavoid situation like that remember to take a long walk before the flight, it will speed up the blood circling. Also, remember to take care of some entertainment on board. Good book, magazine or film will help you to kill boredom.