How to plan cheap and pleasent holidays?

At the start of the year, when people are longing for the summer, most of them start to organize their future holidays. Vacation planning is not that easy as you may think it is, especially if you are not using an offer from the travel agency. The most important issue is to make sure the price of a journey is the cheapest possible. Thanks to that you will be able to spend more money for souvenirs!

Find flight in good price

Cheap airline companies are offering flights in very reasonable price. However, the same destination can be even two times cheaper, if you only know where and when to book it. If your vacation planning started several months ahead Airplaneyou have a chance to get first minute offer. When offers on flights are just announced it prices are very reasonable, so you can spare a lot of money. However, even if you decide to go somewhere very spontaneous, you have last minute offer. Of course, this option is a bit risky, but it could be even cheaper then first minute. Even the place where you are booking the flights in important. There are special, international websites, dedicated to the travels They are known for nicest deals for summer holidays.


Another important issue is accommodation, you have to remember about it during your vacation planning. Depending on funds you have to spend another option will be best. If you like a luxury and comfort you have to choose five or four stars hotels. This option could be very costly, but there is an option to get price even two times smaller, for the same room. You can use website with offers of hotels from whole around the world, their are offering plenty of occasions, from time to time. If you just want to use your room to sleep in and you are not very into luxury, you could find a hostel. Object like that is usually situated in the good area, with plenty of monuments around. However, most of the hostels are offering big rooms, so you will have to sleep with another travellers in there.

Low season

Most of the people while vacation planning are choosing the hot season dates. However if you decide to travel within less popular month you will be able to save a lot of money. If you are choosing the European, southern resorts, you don’t have to go there during July or August to enjoy wonderful weather. Also the June and September will be nice, and it will cost you a lot less money. Even better is option of journey to Africa or Asia. Those continents are warm enough during most part of the year.