The reasons you need to love travelling by plane

Plenty of people are afraid of flying a plane. It does not mean that they have to fly the plane on their own. They just have to sit and relax. This article will point out the most important reasons that should convince people to fly a plane when they are still afraid of it.

First of all, the journey by plane is sometimes less expensive than travelling by car or by bus.

What are the reasons for it? It is simple – the airlines provides cheap flights to gain as many passengers as it is possible. Secondly, travelling by plane is the safest method of travelling. You do not have to believe in this opinion. You just should see the statistics that confirm the statement. What is more, in 2017 there were no air crash where people died when it comes to commercial flights. It was one of the safest year for aviation when you realize that there are about 10,000 planes in the air every time. Another reasons are the amazing views that can be seen on the board


of a plane. The moment you take off, is a very exciting moment because in few minutes you are able to see the city from the bird’s view. If you are one of the city’s residents you will be delighted with the view because the cities look differently from the really high. What is more, on the board are sold the special souvenirs that can be obtained only on the board of given airlines. It is worth to have one of them and make your friends jealous. However, the most significant benefits of travelling by plane is the possibility to getting know amazing places that cannot be seen in your home town. Some of the examples can be Rome in Italy that attracts numerous tourists from europe as well as from other countries. The tourists enjoy the special atmosphere in the city and they frequently visit Vatican – one of the smallest countries in Europe.

Travelling by plane also means well-developed airports that are ready to serve numerous tourists at one time. When it comes to Europe, the busiest airport is AirplaneLondon Heathrow that serves about 78 million passengers annually. The airport is placed in the capital city of the United Kingdom – London.

The second busiest airport in Europe is Charles de Gaulle Airport located in Paris that serves about 66 million passengers every year. The third place belongs to Dutch Airport – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol that serves about 64 million passengers every year. The busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta located in the United States.