Sightseeing in Vienna

Europe is very interesting continent with a lot of different destinations worth to be seen. During summer holiday you have a chance to visit the biggest metropolis, which are filled of historical monuments. One of the finest options is a trip to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Which type of attractions are waiting for travelers in there?

Mode of transportation

Travelers which are living in the western part of Poland are able to travel to Vienna using regular transportation, like car or a trip. The entire road shouldn’t take more than 4 hours, especially if we choose the high way. Train is a bit more slower and much more expensive, but during the road you will admire amazing panorama over the glass. People who are living in the cities with international airports are able to visit Vienna using the offer of airline companies. Small carriers are offering tickets in very reasonable price, you only have to book it as soon as possible.

Amazing architecture

The capital of Austria for many centuries was one of the most important cities in the entire Europe, you may notice it in the architecture of Vienna. It is filled with amazing buildings, like Schobrunn Palace for example. it used to be a residence of royals, nowadays big part of it chamber is open for travelers. Inside you may find an interior design of almost each style. If you like to see some more Palaces, you should also visit Belvedere and Hofburg. Each of those palaces were reconstructed many times during the centuries, that is why their styles are very eclectic. Another phenomenal building on a map of Vienna is the Saint Stephen Cathedral, Gothic church from the fifteenth century. You should also go inside to admire amazing decorations from medieval times. If you like to admire some extraordinary complex of mansions, go for a trip to Hundertwasserhaus . The buildings were designed in the last decade of twentieth century, each part of it has different color!

Another attractions

For many centuries Vienna was also very important, cultural city in this part of Europe. That’s why still you can see in there amazing paintings in many of galleries. In the Leopold Museum you will find a huge collections of the most popular, Austrian artists, Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele. Mumok is a lot more vanguard, it is main, city gallery, but the most important is the exhibition of modern art by Dali, Picasso, Matisse and more. If you like to see European painters from the Renaissance and Baroque era, do not miss a trip to the Gallery of Belvedere.