Sightseeing in Vienna

People who are working on a full time job, do not have too much occasions during the year for sightseeing. That is why a lot of travelers like to take also a shorter trips, no longer then three days. It is great opportunity to visit the best capitals in Europe. If you are searching for the best place in our part of continent, you have to visit the capital of Austria.

Mode of transportation

At the entire area of Austria and Czech Republic you will find very good and modern high ways, so if you are living in the southwest part of Poland you can go to Vienna by car or bus. The trip should take about 4 hours, so it won’t be too exhausting for you for sure. Also, there are train connections from big Polish cities to capital of Austria, however price of a ticket may be very high. If you are living near to the international airport, you may also book a plane to Vienna, if you do that 6 months before the flight, it will be very cheap.

Sightseeing in capital

Fortunately during the last war Austria wasn’t the main area of events, that is why still in present times it is filled with amazing monuments. First of all you should take a tour to the Schonbrunn Palace, main residence of the Habsburg family. It is huge, Classical building, surrounded by even bugger, French gardens. Another nice object in Classical style in Vienna is Hoftburg, also the residence of former overlords. You need to buy a ticket to enter it chamber, you will find in there amazing examples of interior design from many different styles. Another palace in capital is Belvedere, inside you will find a huge collection of the European painters, like Rembrandt, Waterhouse, Rubens, Caravaggio and a lot more. If you wish to admire some nice, sacral building, a trip to the Saint Stephen cathedral will be the nice call. The building was founded in fifteenth century, in Gothic style. Interior design in there is breathtaking!

Another attractions

Vienna is also a perfect place to have a sightseeing around nice galleries. In Mumok you can find the collections of newest artists, not only from Austria but from entire world. But the most popular part of gallery is the exhibition of modern painters, like Kandinsky, Dali and Picasso. In the Leopold Museum you can see the best art work by the finest Austrian artist, Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele. If you are traveling during the summer, visit in the Wiener Prater will be perfect idea. The main attraction of this public park is huge big wheel, you will admire nice panorama from the top of it.