Summer vacations in London

During entire year, most of the people are waiting for summer holidays. This is a special time, when we can visit some interesting destinations and enjoy our vacations with relatives or friends. Nowadays, plenty of travelers better like to visit some European metropolis than southern resort. If you are one of those individuals, you should take a trip to London.

Before the road

Capital of the United Kingdom is inhabited by many thousands of Polish people, that is why airline companies are offering flights in good prices and very often. However, if you like to get the most reasonable prize you need to know when to make a reservation. Because the best deals on plane tickets will be available during the beginning of sale, when airline companies like to tempt future passengers with reasonable prices. Within next, several weeks price will go high so you need to be fast! Also, you can travel to London by bus, the trip will take about 15 hours, so it is a bit of exhausting, however it is perfect option for people who are scared of flying.

The best monuments

United Kingdom is a country with very rich full history, that is why plenty of interesting monuments can be found in there. One of the oldest monument is the Tower, amazing building from the eleventh century. At start it was a residence of royals, then a main jail for political prisoners, like Mary Stuart for example. Nowadays most of the chambers are open for visitors. If you like to see nice example of Gothic Revival architecture you should go to the Westminster Palace, monumental building with beautiful bridge of the same name. it is the headquarter of British parliament, it popular part is Big Ben, the true symbol of London. People, who like to admire authentic, medieval Gothic architecture, need to go for a trip to the Westminster Abby. Inside of this complex you may found amazing cathedral, in which British kings getting coroneted.

Another attractions

If you like to spend some time in museums and art galleries, capital of United Kingdom is perfect place for you. First of all you should go to the Tate Gallery, a place with amazing collection of British paintings, like Waterhouse, Rossetti and Gainsborough. Another nice place to visit is Tate Modern, with more recent examples of art by Dali, Picasso and Kandinsky. In the Museum of Natural History you will get a chance to see a skeletons of dinosaurs in a real size! In London you will also find a main division of Madame Tussaud’s gallery of wax figures.