Travel wit a guide or on our own?

Before our country become part of EU most of the people who wanted to visit foreign countries for holidays were choosing offers from tourist agencies. But nowadays it is a lot easier to arrange a trip, even to some exotic country, so a lot of us, mostly younger ones, are trying to do that on our own. But which option is better?

Travel agency

planning tripOf course if we like to buy an offer like that we will pay additional fee for commission of this firm. Depending on a place we are booking a trip this cost may be bigger or lower. However it is a lot more convenient for sure. First of all if you are choosing vacations in place like Paris or Barcelona, you will get all information about monuments from the guide, who will show you around the town. It is good especially for people who don’t know much about art and architecture. Travel agency is also perfect option for people who doesn’t speak any other language than Polish. Offer from agency is containing in it price a service of local resident, who is speaking in our language. It is perfect option especially in exotic places where we aren’t always know how to behave. Also families with small children better like to book an offer and be sure, that everything they need from the hotel will be available for them. You don’t need to be worry about any insurance, transfer from the airport or even food. Cause most of the agencies’ offers are all inclusive options.

Plan your own trip

plane travelHowever more and more people each year better like to arrange vacations on their own. Nothing surprising in that, cause if you will be smart enough you will save plenty of money. To find the cheapest options on flight you should start your planning at least six months ahead. Carriers are giving very low prices at start, you shouldn’t miss this occasion! The same is with accommodation. You don’t need to make a telephone to chosen hotel, there are special websites available online, on which you may make a reservation. It is totally for free, and you can even count on nice discounts. Before you book a flight check additional information about chosen destination. Maybe you need to buy visa on an airport? Or perhaps the airport is very far away from the city center and you will have to take a cab or bus? Sightseeing without guide could be also very interesting, cause you don’t need to wait for entire group, you may go wherever you like, take a rest or grab a lunch – everything is up to you. And don’t forget to buy some interesting book about monuments in chosen location.