Travelling by plane: what is important?

With the development of air traffic, the possibility of travelling from one part of the Earth to another became quite easy. Thanks to aeroplanes, people can move really fast. But the first flight could be a bit stressful. To prepare for it, it is good to remember some issues.

Before flight

First of all, it is important to consider the things to be packed. Airlines usually have strict limitations of the luggage weight and size – to avoid problems on the airport, these values should be checked earlier. Secondly, there are some things that cannot be taken to the hand luggage. It is due to the security procedures. People who travel by plane have to follow these rules. Knives, scissors or any other sharp things ought to be packed to another bag – the one controlled earlier. Easily flammable things are also forbidden. When Airplanethe airport stuff considers something suspicious, chances are that this particular thing must be left before the entrance on the deck. Also, there is the limitation of the amount of liquid that can be taken onboard. The passenger must remember to take all the needed documents: identity card, passport, visa (when necessary) and boarding card. In some cases additional documents are needed. Next, passengers have to be present at the airport sufficiently early, because of the check-in. Usually two hours before the flight is enough. It is better to go through the check-in quickly and then have some time to wait for flight that run through the whole airport in the last moment, trying to be on time.

Travelling and arriving

On the board the crew will inform the passengers about important issues like seatbelts, toilet locations, the placement of live vests or the repast during the flight. In case of any doubts, there is always a possibility of asking the hostess. After the arrival, passengers have to wait some time for their luggages and pick them up from the appointed bAirplaneaggage claim. It is easier to find the proper suitcase or bag, when it is somehow marked – for instance with particular colour of band or some sticker. While planning a travel by plane, it should be taken into account that airports are often located further from the city centre. Luckily, there is usually an institution that offers a drive from the airport to the city. There is also a possibility to take a taxi, but that form of transport can be expensive. Airfields usually have good bus or train connections with the cities in the area, so there should be no problem to get to the final destination.