Unforgettable weekend in Amsterdam

Since past decade a lot of Polish people move out to Netherlands, to work or study. Because of that fact country became a lot more popular, also for Polish tourists. Nowadays we can buy a plane tickets from Poland to Netherlands in very good price, so if you are looking for any nice place for longer weekend you should consider Amsterdam, the capital.

Plan your trip

Depending on city you are living in, another flight option will be available for you. To the Amsterdam you can reach direct plane from Warsaw, another cities offering flights to Eindhoven. To find tickets in very low price you better use last or first minute option. Last minute is perfect if you have couple days Amsterdamoff and you like to go for a spontaneous trip. First minute will be nice if you like to organize entire journey very carefully, at least six months ahead. Flight in both sides, from Warsaw to Amsterdam should cost you not more than 100 zlotys if you organize it smart. Another big cost is accommodation. Fortunately Amsterdam has many of hostels situated in the centre, this option is cheap, but you have to be prepare to share a room with a stranger.


This is very lovely city, not only because of it astonishing architecture, but also landscape. At the area of capital you will find dozens of bridges and canals, you can even take a tour on boat if you like. People who are interested in history of world war two, should visit the Ann Frank House. This is the building where this small girl were hiding with family during the war. The main meeting place for citizens and tourists is Dam Place, with huge obelisk in the centre of it. Place is surrounded by many restaurants, pubs and gift shops. If you like old, colourful buildings and art go to see Rembrandt House, where this legendary painter were born. Exhibition is filled with manuscript, draws, and another souvenirs of him. People who like to feel the spirit of Netherlands’s bohemian, need to visit the Jordaan district, filled with art galleries and gift shops.

Another attractions

Netherlands was a home for plenty of various painters. In the centre of the city Amsterdamyou can visit the van Gogh museum, the biggest exhibition of this painter on entire world. For more examples of western art go to Rijksmuseum, when you will find pieces of Cezanne, Monet, Modigliani, Picasso and a lot more. People who are travelling to Amsterdam during the summer should also go to zoologist garden, filled with tropical species of animals.