Vienna – beautiful place to visit

During the summer we like to use as many days off at work as possible. That is why the idea of city break is very popular during the season. If you like to travel to some place nice only for two or three days it will be perfect for you. One of the finest concepts is a trip to the Vienna, amazing capital of Austria with plenty of attractions.

Travel preparations

To get to Vienna in a short, comfortable trip, you should use an airplane as your mode of transportation. Thanks to airline carriers, you are able to travel for a penny, just remember to book flight as soon as possible. The best date is beginnig of the year, when carriers are just announcing Viennathe new flights. Ticket bought in this time will cost you even three times less! Similar situation is with accommodation in Austria. This is very rich country, so Polish travelers can find it expensive. That is why you should choose some local hostel to stay. Most of those are situated near to the city center, but you will probably need to share a room with another tenants.


As a capital of former Empire of Austria, Vienna is filled with amazing buildings, spread whole around the area. In there you will find at least three, amazing palaces, designed in Classical style. First of all you can visit Schonbrunn Palace, situated in the suburbia of Vienna. More in the center side you will find Hofburg and Belvedere Palaces. The trip to one of those buildings is great opportunity to admire beautiful interior design from many different styles, mostly Baroque and Rococo. Another building worth your attention is the Old City Hall in Vienna. This extraordinary structure was designed in the medieval times, it is nice and rare example of secular, Gothic architecture.

Galleries and more

The capital of Austria was always important, cultural area, where plenty of artists were living. That is why you can visit in there some interesting exhibition. First of all go to the Leopold Museum, huge collection of masterpieces by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Another, interesting collection can be found in the Belvedere Museum. It is the best opportunity to Viennaget to know more about Austrian paintings from various styles in art. If you prefer modern art you have to go to Mumok Gallery, filled with works of Kandinsky and Picasso for example. If you like to spend warm, sunny day on the open space, you can go to the Wiener Prater. It is very popular meeting place for citizens and travelers. It has very tall big wheel in the center of it.